Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Like a lot of people, I've been thinking and praying for the East Coast and the troubles they're facing. 

But some have expressed, and I agree, that it's rather remarkable when life gets so completely entirely interrupted.  When we're stranded.  Inside.  In physical proximity to only a few people.
I've felt that way with our more extreme snow/ice storms in the Northwest the past few years.  Obviously the Eastern Seaboard is facing that right now.  And though not facing a hurricane (thank God!), Seattle has been deluged with enough rain to make someone want to stay in.

Moments like those are special.
And I think they can lead to incredible creativity.
I know of a few pieces of art started under such circumstances.  This is an example of just one of them.

I've returned lately to one of my favorite bands, Future of Forestry (and Eric's previous Something Like Silas).  This "trailer" inspires me in a lot of ways.  I love the unconventional studio.  I love seeing the personal moments behind what's coming through my speakers. (I could go on a whole tangent about how music has become so impersonal during the last hundred-fifty years of its evolutio... but I'll save that for a different post :) 
I sublimely admire the notion of being stuck, with only the tools to create and time to spend.

To those "stranded" or just drawn toward home by our October weather, what will you create?

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