Hi, I'm Samara.

I am a 20-something who is currently a graduate student in Oregon studying literature, film, and adapted web series.  I'm also teaching intro University writing courses.  I got my BA from the University of Washington where I studied English literature, particularly the English novel, and especially Jane Austen. 

A few summers back, I had the privilege of studying at Oxford University. I fell in love and am looking for opportunities to return in the near future. But I have to warn you, I talk about England a lot... sorry.

That being said, this is not a very specific blog. These are just my thoughts day-to-day. As such, you will probably see posts on any one of my various interests and thoughts: English novels, random film trivia, Sherlock, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, friends abroad, friends at home, my family (especially nieces and nephews =), why I love Seattle, good chai, a bit of typography, how I miss Oxford, and more. I invite you to a glimpse of that journey and hope to hear your thoughts as well.


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