Hello Bibliophiles!

I assume since you've clicked on this page, you're a fan of books.  Me too!  I've had a life-long love affair with narrative, fueled by a degree in English Lit with a Minor in Classical Studies and even a Summer spent in Oxford.  While this doesn't quite classify as a "book blog,"  I do tend to write a lot about them.  If you're interested in reading some, they're under the label book reviews.  I recently completed a project called "31 Days of Books," where I wrote a book review every day of October 2013.  You'll also find a few lists or thoughts on books as part of:

You can also visit my Goodreads account or my "Samara Recommends" bookshelf to see what I'm currently reading or how I've rated other books.  And leave a comment if you have a book-ish blog or a goodreads account, too!

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