Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello!  Happy New Year, again.  I feel like I've been away for a while.  Between Christmas festivities and having my dear friend Kristina visiting [post forthcoming],  I've only had time for the brief word / picture, but nothing very substantial.  Hoping that changes now that things return to their quieter routine :)

I wanted to share the results from books read last year.  After a personal best at 53 books in 2011, I thought I'd challenge myself with 60 for 2012 - ha!  Well, 2011 was very much an "on" year for reading.  My schedule was rather conducive to it, I took some great courses, breezed through 2 fantasy/sci-fi series (The Auralia Thread and The Hunger Games), was introduced to what good contemporary fiction looks like (thank you History of Love), and came across a host of other good books... mostly shorter books. 

2012 turned out entirely different.  I began the year with Clarissa.  That alone should count for something.  But I also spent time with modernist poetry.  Reading and attempting to understand the Wasteland doesn't feel like reading a whole book - but it sure takes effort, more effort for me in a lot of ways. 

But then I graduated.  And it wasn't like "Whew! I've graduated, I want a break from the books" - far from it.  Rather it was, "I've finally graduated and can get around to all of the coffee dates I've been putting off."  Throw graduation parties, catching up on sleep, and job applications on top of that and it didn't exactly translate into reading as much as I'd like.  But then in July I re-entered Middle Earth... now I'm just 30 pages from sailing away from it  [too cheesy? meh].  Could I have read the "Concerning Hobbits Tetralogy" faster?  Sure... but spending the last 6 months roaming from the Misty Mountains to Mordor has washed me.  It's clarified the way I see life.  It's made me laugh and cry countless times.  It's provided a great connection with my boss :)  It's made me feel the total nerd that I am--complete with hobbit ears. 
It's made me realize that I am a hobbit and that this life is an unexpected adventure.  As of 3 weeks ago I had finished "Mount Doom" and, yes, I've been busy, but part of me wasn't ready for it to end.  I know that tears await me at the Grey Havens.

But I feel ready now to bid the Shire goodbye, and tonight I will.  Though statistically it means I've read only 8 novels since graduating (32 total for 2012), it's been a gift.

Now I have the books of 2013 calling my name.  There's a whole stack already by my bed that I can't wait to dig into.  It's a "farewell" to Tolkien, but it's a "hello" to Green, Kraus, Niffenneger, and countless others.

2013 - I can't wait to crack your cover!

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Updated so you can see the full list:

1  The Rainbow
2  Othello
3  Macbeth
4  Katherine Mansfield's Short Stories
5  Clarissa
6  King Lear
7  To the Lighthouse
8  Measure for Measure
9  Waterland
10  The Winter's Tale
11  History of Tom Jones
12  Atonement
13  The Tempest
14  Man Who was Thursday
15  A Severe Mercy
16  Sign of Four
17  Poems of TS Eliot
18  Metamorphosis
19  Trials of Socrates
20  Six Characters in Search of an Author
21  Protagoras
22  Gorgias
23  Mrs. Dalloway
24  Bald Soprano
25  Endgame 
26  Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
27  The Archivist
28  Woman in White
29  The Hobbit*
30  JRR Tokien - Biography
31  Fellowship of the Ring*
32  Two Towers*

___ read for school


  1. That is so awesome!
    You are inspiring.

  2. Agreed- Clarissa counted as like 10, I'm pretty sure! ;)
    Ahh, Tolkien. :D

    I'm excited to talk about libraries... ;)