Saturday, January 12, 2013

So...guess who was planning to start 10-on-10 this month? And guess who forgot to charge her phone the night before? Ugggh :P

So instead of a proper 10-on-10, you get some hi-lights / random moments of the week :)

[Breaking fast with this lovely lady :]

[I read a book on Monday... a whole book on Monday. One of the most delightful  parts was an ongoing debate on the "breakfastization" of eggs - particularly scrambled.  Why is it that you can put bacon on a sandwich and it gets treated with equality; but put scrambled eggs on there - it's a breakfast sandwich?  Above is a sound counter point.
Jury's still out for this reader.]

[One of the absolute hi-lights of my week :D ]

[Oscar Noms!!!!]

[Kept warm this particularly chilly week by a gorgeous scarf hand-made by best friend :]

[I have this wonderful gift gracing my cubicle]

[Friday was "Cleaning Day" at work.  Bob cleaned out his top drawer.  When I came in and saw this, he goes, "Just say it - I'm weird!" haha... well, Bob...]

["Crawley Sister" conversations re: said hi-light of the week]

[Barry Manilow on Ice - first live figure skating experience ever...and I loooved it!  My favorite skaters were this husband/wife team from Russia - incredible!! Barry was  pretty great too.  A very fun time.]

[Thanks to Christine and my Mom for a fabulous Friday evening!]

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  1. Wow! Sounds like January has been busy already! Bob is hysterical, btdubs :)

    just in case you forgot, I like you :)