Monday, January 14, 2013

By. far. the best food we had in Oxford.  This may have been due to the fact that it was apparently the only restaurant aware of the existence of garlic.  Even still - pretty fabulous food matched with an even more fantastic eclectic interior design...yah, what I'd give for just 1 casual day in Oxford.


  1. The best food in Oxford. I still do not regret licking my bowl in public there! Let's traipse around Oxford again with the girls!

  2. Just clicking my way through some of your older blog posts! I've heard very mixed things about Jamie Oliver's restaurants but you've definitely convinced me to give them a chance :)

    1. Hannah, it's difficult because it's a bit of a spendy risk. I know, personally, that the girls I was with really appreciated how flavorful the food was. We quickly realized that Americans use a larger variety and larger quantity of seasonings than our British counterparts. That being said, his food is pretty unique to him. We went twice and I think I had duck and chicken. Whatever you end up ordering, make sure to also get the basket of bread - I'm pretty sure that was our favorite part!