Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Hello :)

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend - I know my family did!!

My brother and I visited Bethany's Good Friday service.  I've also begun to read the Catholic daily mass readings - and they're incredible!

Saturday was just the right combination of relax / get stuff done / spontaneous have-people-over time.

And then Easter Sunday with the fam was, of course, amazing.
We celebrated as only the Surfaces do, with both tofurkey and ham (and you better believe I had slices of both) all 11 rambunctious family members.  There was an Easter egg hunt for the little people, afternoon naps (my favorite), and lots of laughter.  We even scheduled our first, full family vacation in over 5 years!  But more than anything, it was just one of those days that filled my heart to the brim.

Here are a few fun moments from the day:

[On of her favorite things is to quote Frozen: "Hhhhhhmmm... Chooocolate!"]

[Long and blonde, short & brunette... but definitely sisters!]

[We seriously did not coordinate.  We just showed up to church and laughed.]

[Giggles!  This one comes courtesy of Melissa]

[candid moments of family fun. and Uncle Jo does his velociraptor impression]
By way of comparison... here are a few of us last year. 
What a difference a year can make!
Also, I may be obsessed with coral :)

So there's a snap-shot of my Easter.  I hope you had a good one :)

Also, be sure to check back in tomorrow for a special surprise as "Wait + Hope" hits a pretty big milestone!!

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  1. Aw, your Easter weekend sounds absolutely lovely :) I feel like I'm in a good place spiritually because I've taken to writing my prayers down. I really struggle with praying out loud and sometimes even praying in my own head is hard! But when I write my prayers down the words just flow out and I have no difficulty in saying what I really mean :)