Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wait + Hope - 1000

Welcome to 1,000.

Yes, this is my 1,000th post!!

I wrote a bit on this blog's journey recently here.
But this space has been a gift to me and I hope, in one way or another, it's been a gift to you too.

But just to be sure it has - I'm hosting a giveaway!!
The winner will receive a framed print of my favorite Obvious State poster:

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty."
- John Keats

To win this gorgeous poster and simultaneously help celebrate 1000 posts on my blog,
you can earn entries 4 possible ways:
- Leave a comment below, sharing one of your favorite posts
- Re-gram my insta and tag me @iwaitandhope with the hashtag #waitandhope1000
- Share this post on facebook with the hashtag #waitandhope1000
- Tweet this post tag me @iwaitandhope with the hashtag #waitandhope1000

The drawing for the print will be next Friday, 5/2.  Good luck!


  1. what a milestone!! i'm going to have to go with your post "come along ponds" as an all time favorite. it was written so perfectly & captured everything wonderful about their character arch :)

  2. I narrowed it down to three-ish favorite posts:
    - Loved all your 31 Days of Books posts (love your reviews in general)
    - Moments ( :)
    - And of course, your post on Tom ;) (

  3. I lied. I have one more. ;D This one is great! Love hearing your voice through your writing and it just makes me laugh. "When you least expect it..."

  4. I liked reading your blog about your Portland trip and the random studio/building you ladies discovered. Adventure is always waiting!

  5. I of course loved your posts from Oxford, especially the one where we first met! I'm so proud of you, my Kindred Spirit!! <3