Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Today is my blog's 5th birthday!

5 years ago, in my "Introduction," I shared,
"words help me process things - and this will be where i'll place the words
that don't seem to have any other home."
Through many phases and changes and far more page views than I ever imagined,
that still remains a pretty accurate description of my blog.
I apologize for the times it feels scattered, but it's not a niche blog.
It's just a space for the homeless words in my head.

When I created this, I really didn't think I would be able to keep it up.
I was like that with pen-pals as a kid.  I would be all enthusiastic... but then
get behind after 2 or 3 letters and be too ashamed to finally write back 6 months later.
So I was more shocked than anyone that 1 year, 2 years in I was still blogging.
Now, it's a rare day I don't get on to check the blog or start another draft.
And though it took me 4 years of blogging to actually admit that just maybe I was a writer...
I am more enthusiastic about it than ever.

I hope to continue to expand and develop both this space and my writing
[keep an eye out in the future - wink, wink]
I want to thank everyone who has followed my blog at any point these past 5 years.
Writing and crafting this has helped me become more of who I am supposed to be,
and your encouragement of that means the world to me!
So, merci beaucoup, my friends.  Merci.

* Interesting fact - I didn't put this together till yesterday, but, though done unwittingly, I think it was Fate that I created this blog on January 28th, as it just happens to be the date Pride and Prejudice was originally published.  And I'd like to think that is a good omen :)

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  1. Happy blogging-versary! :)

    And of COURSE you and Jane would publish big things on the same date ;)