Thursday, January 9, 2014

My younger sister, Sarah, can make me laugh like nobody's business!  She and I shared a room up until I moved out last Summer and there were so many late-night giggle sessions.  Last night, she and I were texting about, among other things, the Iliad - which she is about to finish.  Here are some choice excerpts from the hilarity that ensued:

Sarah: I'm drowning in the terribleness of the Iliad...
Me:  Did you finish the Iliad?  Isn't the end so touching!  Well, call "the Homeric Hotline" [inside joke, meaning me] if you have specific questions.
S:  I have one chapter left.  I am sure it will be touching.  The question is - will I understand it?
... [later on]
S:  Iliad for 500, please.  Smartest Achaean?
M:  Well, the wiliest was Odyssesus.  Smartest could be Nestor
S:  Man!  You're good! I just learned that 2 months ago and I already forgot it.  If you get this next question, then my search for the perfect woman is over - How many lines is the Iliad poem?
M:  HAHAHAHA!!  Around 16,000.
S:  You are off my 37 lines.  Tisk. Tisk.  Still.... pretty dang good if you ask me :)
M:  Did I have to have an exact answer?
S:  I was expecting one!  I mean, 15,963 is like 24601 - pretty easy to remember :)
... [even later]
M:  Btw - can I post the Iliad bit of this convo on my blog?
S:  Of course.  I hold no copyright infringements.

Isn't she just amazing?  Sarah - I LOVE you!!!