Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, Brothers.

[Josiah as Moriarty, Me as Irene, and Jeremiah as Sherlock]
 So... I just really like these gents a lot.
And, last night, we got to cosplay as some of my favorite characters.
It was **such** a blast!
Birth-order wise, I'm sandwiched between these two and I feel pretty lucky.
Some girls with brothers talk about how they toughened them up
or wrestled a lot or whatever.
Well, I stayed out of their wrestling.
[Instead, we spent a lot more time playing playmobile -
I always got to be the princess to their knight, soldier, pirate, etc.]
But we did grow up arguing discussing a lot
and I felt like I got toughened up mentally because of them.
And though they made me fight the hardest,
they also made me laugh the longest.
Now that we're all adults, pursuing different dreams and paths...
it makes me really grateful for all those heated debates, N64 games,
playmobile-filled Saturday mornings, nerdy jokes, 
YouTube marathons of HISHE and good music,
and lots and lots of laughter.
Plus, I think they are smashingly dapper!
Thank God for brothers.


  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing like BROTHERS. We're blessed. :)
    Love this pic.

    1. It's true - there's nothing like good brothers!

  2. (Josiah kind of really looks like Moriarty.)

    1. I think so! And, being that I rather like Andrew Scott quite a bit, I think that's a compliment?