Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday Creatives: Obvious State

Ok, I know I've mentioned them before here and here and probably one too many times in conversation... but it's worth dedicating today's Creatives to Obvious State - because today I finally bought my first lit poster from them! 

A bit of background for those who I haven't talked to...

Obvious State is a multi-disciplinary creative studio co-run by Nichole and Evan Robertson. Our projects reflect our shared love of Paris, language and literature.

Obvious State is a husband / wife creative duo.  An English major, she worked in fashion & beauty; he went to Julliard and pursued the stage - both in acting & music.  After starting life and their family in the big city, they felt the need for change.  So, in 2009, they packed up their life in NYC and moved their things and two boys to an itty-bitty place in Paris.  They are currently back in the states - though frequently hopping the Atlantic to pursue their creative projects.

[Can you say "couple crush"?]

They started creating... and they haven't stopped.

She found a niche as a photographer and blogs about their adventures.  He designs fantastic posters based on quotes from famous authors. 

[Someday this will hang in my kitchen.]

[Love this one for This Side of Paradise]

[She also has done some Illustrations, each capitalizing on multiple images.] 

[Paris in Mint!]

[Assorted "Paris in Color"]

Her breakout book, Paris in Color is regularly featured by Shakespeare & Co.;  I happily spotted his posters on display on my last trip to Powell's.

[They, understandably, didn't want us taking pictures of the artwork... but they were right above my head in this shot]
 Together they've recently launched an ambitious and exciting project to create a virtual experience - using photography, video, and text - to give their readers "a day in a Parisian neighborhood."  The app and first neighborhood for their "The Paris Journal" are available free on the app store

I so appreciate the Evans' sense of adventure and their creative vision.  It helps that we share an affinity for Paris, Norton anthologies, and the strong sense both that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and that "a word is worth a thousand pictures."

I've been waiting to amass a few of their items for quite a while now.  They have shown up on Birthday & Christmas & general wish lists for over a year now.  This past birthday, I was given the Paris in Color: Notecards by a sib. 

[These now await frames and more wall space... but I can't wait to display them]

They currently have a 2-day promotional going on - go visit either of their Etsy's and use FACEBOOK20 when checking out to receive 20% off.  The promotion was the added incentive for me to purchase one of the literature posters.  I'm going to warn you - it's a reeeally hard decision to just choose one.  But I just told myself, I'd be back to purchase several more.

[Paris inspired fashion. Also, apparently my striped green shirt likes Obvious State too ;) ]
If you like Paris or literature or photography or adventure [or life], you will enjoy browsing their sites and shops.  Check out, their page on facebook, The Paris Journal, their Etsy shops (listed below), or @obviousstate on twitter.

*All photography comes from or the Etsy sites for Obvious State or The Paris Print Shop.


  1. Love it SO much! Total couple crush. :)

  2. Oh WOW! Thank you so much for such a lovely write-up. I hope you enjoy the print. ;)

  3. Yes, LOVE Obvious State;love their work and their story! One of these days, I really want to get their Paris set.