Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fireworks - Red

Sorry for the vague-blogging last week.  Let's start to clarify :)

Well, so one of things I was hinting at here and here last week (and dreaming of for a while) was this - I am now a red-head and loving it!

[It's very dynamic and so looks different depending on the light.]

I'd never ever colored my hair before, so this was a big step.  And I'd been warned red is dangerous... but I'm so glad I tackled it.  My stylist is amazing, so I really had nothing to worry about.  But my need for understanding and flare for the dramatic sometimes rage at war conflict - hence being all nervous/excited.

But I am so excited to join the league of red-heads!

"I've never been ginger!" - 10th Doctor
Now I have, Doctor.  Now I am :)

[Before and after]


  1. Beautiful, Samara! The red s very fitting.

  2. And you're still as beautiful as ever! Love it, Samara! Looks good on ya! ;) Can't wait to see it in person.