Friday, June 21, 2013

Fireworks - Green

Remember me mentioning Uncommon Collective as on of my Wednseday Creatives? 

Yes, well... I'm pleased to announce that I've written a guest contribution for the site!

I'd love it if you hopped over and read "One Foot in Fairyland."  And do let me know what you think!  This was a bold step for me, but I'm so glad to offer something to this burgeoning community. 

If you haven't already, do explore their site or their facebook page.  A personal favorite is Katrina's "The Need to Be Inspired" - it touches on things that are kind of my favorite :)

And "green," you may be wondering.  Green for fairyland and creativity and new beginnings.


  1. LOVE it, Samara, you writer you! ;) I know I already told you this via facebook, but it was so good it is worth posting on your blog too! :) Some of my favorite parts from your post: Some may underestimate the force of a novel; but narrative is one of the most astonishing powers we have as humans. Narrative, especially fiction, is the disciplined orchestration of another’s creativity. Reading fiction is equivalent to accepting an author’s invitation to wander the realms of their imagination.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures with the world! :)

  2. Wonderful post! Loved everything about it :)