Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grad school for Literature... 

Sitting in a cafe reading a novel

Reality (most of the time):
Reading tons of essays by people like Adorno & other critics. 

But sometimes, I get lucky. Right now... I'm sitting in a cafe reading a novel. 

In particular, I'm starting into James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, where his character Stephan Dedalus originated. It's known for being a bit challenging as Dedalus narrates in stream-of-consciousness. But, funny enough, I can kind of follow it for one reason: Andrew Scott. 
Now Scott did a BBC radio drama of Ulysses a few years back (which I've tried getting into twice, but someday I'll prevail!) and he played Dedalus. But it's not his role from Joyce's more famous novel that's helping me. It's actually his performance from the short Seawall. It's a one man film that Scott narrates on his own. But all of this adds up to one thing: reading Portrait, I can't help but hear Scott's voice. :)

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