Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's that time of year...

That time when fantastic, dark, and strange movies are coming out, when Tina & Amy brush off the jokes, when artists make us tear up in 90 second speeches, and when...

...there are pretty dresses all around!!!

I'm sorry, I'm just totally still a little girl who loves dress up :D  Here are just a few of my favorite looks from tonight's Globes:

[Emma Stone looking fierce]

[Long time favorite, Felicity Jones is just lovely]

[Julia Goldani Telles seemed like a work of art]
[11 year old Oscar and Golden Globe Nominee, Quevenzhane Wallis looked darling]
And cutest couple (and soon to be trio!!) goes to:
[Benedict & Sophie - seriously how? Cumberbaby is already a gene pool winner!]
Ok... just a few of my favorites - what say you?


  1. You definitely picked the best ones! I loved Dakota Johnson's dress though.

    I'm SO happy that Eddie Redmayne won the Golden Globe! It's my birthday tomorrow and to celebrate we're going to see The Theory of Everything :)

    1. Ah! I want to see that one so badly, but haven't yet. I have seen Imitation Game...twice! As you said, it was beautiful without being revelatory. Kudos to Benedict, though, for being able to disappear into this role despite having played similar ones. And major kudos to the boy who played Young Alan - he matched Benedict marvelously!!

    2. I'm the same with Paddington & Into the Woods. Really want to see them but haven't got round to them yet. I'm glad you liked TIG and, yes, that kid who played Young Alan was marvellous.

  2. Yes, good choices! Love all of those. I would add Lorde, Diane Kruger, & Kerry Washington.