Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Dress

This hardly does it justice!! Spokane

So happy to be in Spokane! I love this city!!!
It's so beautiful... and it so very very relaxing. Everything here is a slower pace (Although, it might only be because I'm spending time with Grandparents... but life here is just slower!)
I'm loving family time (and shopping!!)

Tonight is a special treat... dinner at Riverfront Park :)
So many good memories there... (FBLA happiness!)

Anyway... just thought I'd check in!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Came across a song that just brightened my day... :)
It's called Don't Let Me Fall by Lenka
You can listen to it here. These are the lyrics:

Underneath the moon,

Underneath the stars
Heres a little heart for you
Up above the world,
Up above it all
Heres a hand to hold on to

But if I should break,
If I should fall away
What am I to do?
I need someone to take,
A little of the weight
Or I'll fall through

You're just the one
That I've been waiting for
I'll give you
All that I have
To give and more
But don't let me fall

Take a little time,
Walk a little line
Got the balance right
Give a little love,
Gimme just enough
So that I can hang on tight

We will be alright,
I'll be by your side
I wont let you down
But I gotta know,
No matter how things go
That you will be alright

You're just the one
That I've been waiting for
I'll give you all
That I have
To give and more
But don't let me fall

Underneath the moon,
Underneath the stars
Heres a little heart for you
Up above the world,
Up above it all
Heres a hand to hold on to

Your just the one
That I've been waiting for
I'll give you
All that I have
To give and more
But don't let me fall

You'll be the one
That I'll love forever more
I'll be here holding you
High above it all
But don't let me fall

Thought you would enjoy... just Cute :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rainier Vista

I found some more, breathtaking views of my dear Rainier!

You formed the mountains by your power,
having armed yourself with strength - ps. 65:6

Before the mountains were born,
Or you brought forth the earth and the world,
From everlasting to everlasting You are God. - ps.90:2

In his hands are the depths of the earth,
And the mountain peaks belong to Him! - ps. 95:4

wow, God! wow!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A psalm of love...

A reflection from my journal, a year ago today:

I could pour myself out
Paint my life on these pages
I could sing forever
To let others know my heart
But none could ever love me
The beautiful way you do!

You are my lover
And my bestest friend
You know my heart,
Its calms and its storms.
And I know you'll never leave
Because your love knows no end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peonies bloom!

My mom's peonies recently bloomed and have since all passed on to make way for daisies and roses...

But since they are probably my favorite flower, i paid very close attention to them this year. 
I waited, I helped water, I even harnessed their beauty as decorations and gifts to others. 
And their beauty was as overpowering as I had imagined while I waited.

But that was the funny part... waiting.
All I could see where lots and lots of little buds... 
Then one day the first bud started bust its little green cacoon.
Within two days, 5 peonies had fully bloomed! 
I mean, there was a little one inch bud.... then two days later, 
we had flowers with tons of petals that measured three inches in diameter!
How the heck does that happen?
Only God!

That's right...
Then I realized.... sometimes, He works in our lives like He works in the peony.
No one can see the inside of the bud of our heart--but He is at work!
And then one day, suddenly and all of a sudden, we bloom!
We reach our appointed time!
We awaken to the image of himself that he has been crafting in our bud-like hearts!
We bloom and our holiness becomes attractive--people can't fail to see God's work or His Beauty!

I've decided, I don't mind growing like a peony.
It's ok if no one else sees my progress... just wait, one day it will be evident.
I can be patient, I know what's in store.
I've seen a peony bloom.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beneath a Willow

So, about a year ago, some very very thoughtful friends of mine secretively wrote this poem for me at a Microsoft Conference. I love it and thought I would share it with the world:

Samara, the lady fair
And beautifully made,
Sighed as she sat down 
Beneath a willow in its shade.

As she leaned against this tree, 
the young lady yawned.
Soon she fell fast asleep
And this is what she saw...

...A sun-lit road and daffodils,
An old abandoned shoe,
Adorned with seven butterflies
And flowers-white and blue.

With curious and wandering thoughts,
She traveled down the road,
Not knowing what was next 
Not knowing where to go.

Like the flicker of a lighted lamp
A creature caught her glance.
A bounding hart with eyes aglow,
Alive in prideful prance.

The creature had such presence!
Samara wished to know
From whence derived its fire--
Its passion, grace, and flow!

Its commanding presence halted
And began to graze in a clear
Which is when the youthful Samara
Started to draw near

Cautiously she placed each step
Avoiding making noise.
But-Ah!-one crackle of a twig
Disrupted the creature's poise.

With a twinkle in his eye
He felt her presence there.
Samara quickly held her breath
As the wind blew in her hair.

The hart's eyes stared into hers
Until finally making a turn
And he slowly walked away
Through the bushes and the ferns.

She hesitated once, and then,
With one last look around,
Samara chose to follow him,
to see where he was bound.

She, persistent in pursuit,
Cautious of what was ahead,
Kept sight of the creature,
The hart knowing as he fled.

He knew her real intention,
Knew her heart was true,
But the wild that lay inside him
Pushed him as he flew.

She ran with sheer joy.
She ran to keep his pace,
For the strength she gave to chase him
Was the cost to see his face.

He stopped beside a willow tree
And turned to look at her.
His eyes met hers; she smiled at him
And walked to join him there...

... The lady awoke with a start
Alone out in the dark.
The images were fading ,
Replaced with grass and bark--

Except... those blazing eyes!
That memory was her own.
One thing she knew for sure;
Such peace she'd never known

For the prince of the forest 
Is not easily caught.
The desire to give up quickly
Must be beat and fought.

The thirst for comfort,
The love of rest,
Must be abandoned 
To gain what is the best.

The best is to be near him, 
Gazing in his eyes,
Knowing what you have given 
Was worth this heavenly prize.

- Composed by:
Sean Matthews
Jared Crealock
Dahlia Avila
Emily Franklin

July 2008, Houston, Texas