Wednesday, April 10, 2013


#ProudToBeAFanOf was trending today... and I had to chip in.

Of course, you all know what I'm proud to be a fan of.  Lucky for me, today provided some adorable [what's known in the fandom world] "crack."  Little morsels shared with fans, just enough to provide a temporary high.

And so... meet #Setlock [the tag assigned to the current filming of Sherlock Season 3].

I have to start with the "totes supes adorbs" (thank you, Lydia Bennet).
After spending the majority of the last 2 years in New Zealand and away from his family, Martin-the-Hedgehog-Freeman is back in London.  What's more, his wife, Amanda Abingdon, has been cast in Sherlock in a role we can only assume to be "Miss Mary Morstan" - who, after hiring Sherlock in "A Sign of Four," became John Watson's wife! :)

Isn't that precious?

Well, the cuteness gets better when the Freeman children come to visit 221B for the day!!
Seriously, his kids look like Hobbits!
And they reportedly enjoyed visiting Dad, Mum, and "Uncle Ben" [Ah!] at work :D

[Back to 221B - er...187 N Gower.  Martin's face!!]

[The hat. The coat. The smile. The man. The character. Sherlock's alive!!]

[Martin totally is a hedgehog!]

Annnd... in another favorite fandom - the LBD got a proper photoshoot!
Make the cuteness stop!

["Jing" + "Dizzie"]

Except, wait, don't ;)

Love and miss you, Lizzie B.

Proud to be a fangirl ;)


  1. So so darling!
    I might have squealed a bit when K showed me that pic! And his hat - so perfect. I love Martin.
    And of course - LBD - the best. Love that photo! :)

  2. AAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Can't. Handle. It.

    This "crack" is too teasing!

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  4. Can you please remove the photo of Martin and Amanda's children? She's asked, several times now, for this photo to be removed from the Internet as it was unsolicited and they don't want their children on the Internet.

  5. Hello. I am a close friend of the Freemans and we would all appreciate it if you'd take this down. It's unsolicited and both Martin and Amanda do NOT want it up. I know you'll do the right thing and take it down. Thank you in advance. Sydney