Monday, April 1, 2013

Crawley Sisters take Seattle

This weekend was glorious! Glorious!!

If you've ever lived in Seattle, you would just know that we don't get 70 degree days at the end of March. Gorgeous clear-skied sunniness - it doesn't happen till June - May if we're lucky.

Except it did happen. This early Easter weekend decided to brashly proclaim "Spring is here!" And back it up with miraculous weather!

Before even knowing how fine the day would be, some dear friends, Ash & Kayla, & I had picked this Saturday as a "Seattle Day" to go do the types of things in our own city that one normally only does when visiting somewhere else.

And it was rather magnificent :)

[Crawley Sisters]
 At Portage Bay Cafe, they asked what name to put down on the wait list, and I said "Crawley."  So when they called us, they shouted "Crawley for 3" and we just smiled.

[Portage Bay - yummo!  Will be returning!!]

[They gave us a free mug :D ]
 We wanted a picture with the infamous "portage bay cafe" mugs, but none of us ordered a hot drink and were, ergo, short on mug-worthiness.  But I was trying to sneak a picture of one as we were leaving and the manager said "Wait just a sec,"  came back with the mug and said "keep it and tell your friends."  Gladly, Mr. Portage Bay.  Gladly :)

[These. Two. Wow!]
 First time to Elliot Bay Book Co. I know, I know... how can I possibly call myself as literary Seattlite and not been.  Well......... I'm not sure.  But my trips usually took me to Magus, not Elliot Bay.  While I have an affinity for independent bookstores of all kinds, I prefer used to new.  I did love my inagural trip to Elliot Bay though, and shall definitely return.  I picked up an adorable set of Austen postcards and the sci-fi YA novel from the 70's: Ender's Game [have to read it before the film comes out!  Both look really good!].

[Bookshops are my happy place!]

[Pike's place picnic thanks to Le Panier, Beecher's, and the corner fruit market - parfait.]
 A baguette + good cheese + strawberries is, to me, the perfect picnic.  I've lunched on that in grassy fields at Blenheim Palace, Shakesepare in the Park, and now Gasworks.  It's just so delish!  So... who wants to plan another picnic?

[I mean - look at that sky!]

[ smiles. ]

[kite flying at Gasworks]

"Let's go fly a kite up to the highest height..."  Ok, next time!

[We're really excited about the sun and our picnic!!]

 The picnic was impromptu, so we were lucky that Ash had a blanket in her car.  And we cut our cheese with a plastic knife (it was Beecher's Smoked Flagship though - so totally worth it).  Oh, and we spread our brown-paper bags of picnic-stuff on Ashley's long-board, which made a surprisingly good tabletop. Of course, on a sunny day in the park, picnics must be enjoyed barefoot.  There's a rule about these things.

[This guy was filming a music video at Gasworks, all mic'ed up and with his accordian. We were humming La Vie en Rose the rest of the afternoon.]
 I was playing some of my own tunes until this guy showed up... Accordians are the coolest so they trump.

[Aren't they just too much? :]
 Attemtped sneaky shots of these two ladies.

[Adorable hipster]


[So stinking cute!]

[ :P ]

[ L O V E ]

These girls make me smile. It's more than what they say or do...although they are some of the funniest people I know. It's their dreams & passions that make me smile because they're things I dream about too. And I'm pretty sure someday I'll get to say, "I knew them before ________.  We spent sunny Saturdays aspiring to do and to make and they have." 

And lucky for me, I'm spending next weekend with them too!  Ash + Kayla + Cami + Regina + Becca + I are heading to Portland for a quick trip and lots of fun.  Powells. St Honore's.  The Pearl District.  They're calling my name!  And there may be an old movie or two since we're all cinephiles :)

Last week on the bus, I was struck by how grateful I am for the friends God has given me.  They make me feel rich.  So blessed in this season to be able to invest and pursue some of the amazing ladies that I know.

So, back to Monday meetings, still absorbing the Vitamin D and dreams from the weekend... Cheers!


  1. You are the sweetest!! That was SUCH a great day! :) Love this post.

  2. I'm SO excited for Portland! And I want to have a picnic at Gasworks and go to Elliot Bay Books - two things I have never done. I really need to take advantage of Seattle more and go explore.