Monday, April 29, 2013

Gifts in print

So spoiled by my friends yesterday.  I received the gifts that show how well they know me.  Things I wouldn't have even thought to ask for - but was so happy to receive!!

A few items:

This amaaaazing Sherlock Typography poster from Cami.  You guys... I kinda almost cried.
Obviously I'm a huge fan of Sherlock... but I'm also a huge fan of quotes and typography. So this is an instant winner! 
Honestly, unikoideas has some fabulous stuff on etsy!  But did Cami get it off Etsy?  No.  She actually ran into the guy when we were in Portland a few weeks ago.  How great is that!

And the Nerd-quote from John Green?  Thank you Melissa!!  I shared this quote with her a few weeks back and yesterday I opened her (2nd) gift and unwrapped a framed print.
This is me.
Completely me.

And then, as just part of her present, I received a particular vogue issue I'd been eyeing from Kayla.
We're all just a bit psyched for Gatsby coming out and the Grace Coddington/Mario Testino shoot with Carey Mulligan is ravishing!!  As a bonus, there's also a shoot with Tom Hiddleston (woot-woot!).

I received several other lovely presents accompanied by beautiful, sincere cards.  These were just a few of the tangible gifts.  A few of which have found their way onto my wall :)

Also, for a sneak preview of the costumes, check out the adorable Kayla JANE-ine ;)


  1. JANE-ine!! I never thought of that one. Haha!! You're precious

  2. I'm glad you had a happy birthday :)

  3. just to let you know, the design on that poster was stolen. x: the post about it is here:
    if you could, message that user and let them know where you got it from, so that they can find out who stole their design and report them.