Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Doing research for my honors thesis when I came across this lovely =)
Seriously? Austen's Juvenilia was first published with a preface from Gilbert the Keith Chesterton?
Haha... favorite authors and happiness upon happiness!

A few goodies:
"It might seem a very wild use of the wrong word to say that Jane Austen was elemental. It might even seem even a little wanton to insist that she was original. Yet this objection would come from the critic not really considering what is meant by an element or an origin...
If it seemed odd to call her elemental, it may seem equally odd to call her exuberant. These pages betray her secret; which is that she was naturally exuberant. And her power came, as all power comes, from the control and direction of exuberance...
Jane Austen was not inflamed or inspired or even moved to be a genius; she simply was a genius."

I don't know who made me respect who more... but I adore them both tonight more than ever!

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