Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, today was really truly splendid!

Today I drove all the way in to school (highly unusual for me). Made it in a record 30 minutes (normally an hour by bus). But, as yet another "senior year first," I parked on campus, in the garage underneath red square. Such an awesome feeling to park, take the elevator up and just walk right onto campus.

Class went well. My philosophy professor accidentally called me "Samantha" throughout the class period. I'm used to that by now, but I came home to an extremely apologetic email. It ended with her saying, "You can call me whatever you want for a few days." Haha! But I don't think I'll be taking her up on her offer.

Fortunately, on the Honors horizon, my professor has decided to cancel class for the next two weeks as we compose the first drafts of our theses. Exciting, but rather daunting! It'll be good though =)

After class, I headed to Seattle and just wandered a bit, through the Market, before deciding on Le Panier. Sat and read Woolf and watched the rain fall on the cobblestone-esque, brick pavement. I couldn't stop myself from journalling--ended with an apropos quote: 
"Life is a thing of beauty and a joy forever." - Leo Gursky

I had to grab an early dinner and, creature of habit that I am, I went to my favorite little happy hour at Cafe Campagne... and I'm so glad I did. I got to experience more of their little community than last time I was there. Just two seats down from me at the bar was an elderly gentleman just enjoying it all. Apparently he's a regular. He was also working on a New York Times crossword puzzle. [Have I mentioned that a life goal of mine is to finish one all by myself? Yah, sadly, I've never done that before... but someday I will. I really prefer to do them with friends, but, someday, I'll conquer one. Ok back to the story.] Well, a few minutes after I got there and ordered my dinner, he goes, "Do you do these?" 
"I try."
"Well have a go." He slid the paper over to me with his pen and I got a few before sliding it back. He was delighted. We exchanged small talk, he included the waiters and waitresses here and there, sounded like they were old friends, and it was really delightful to take part in this micro-community. I'll definitely be back. Before leaving, he gave me the crossword puzzle and the pen--wishing me good luck with it on all my crossword endeavors. How cute!

Gauguin was interesting. I liked for the simple fact that it isn't the sort of thing I normally take time to appreciate. As a Classics Minor, and a student of the European tradition, I'm pretty much immersed in all things Western. But tonight exposed me to a different type of beautiful. My favorite work by far was his "Christ on the Cross." 
It's so "not Western"--which I really appreciate because I feel like the gospel gets so Westernized. I just love how this is the crucifixion, but Polynesian. So cool.
It was also really fun to just be with classmates outside of class. I got to chat with this one girl who is probably also applying for King's College London for Fall of 2013, so we had a good time chatting about our hopes and prospects.

I met up with some friends at  the Chesterton meeting, where there was a fabulous reading of one of his essays, "A Piece of Chalk." It is really worth the read! And if you get the chance to take a look at it, let me know what you think =)
The discussion of Austen was also intriguing. Gotta love a philosophy professor who has his ethics students read Pride and Prejudice. It was an excellent talk and, I think, worthy of the serious view it took of Jane Austen. I disagreed with the speaker on some smaller points, but I enjoyed his perspective.

Afterward, the group of us went to Trabant to discuss the meeting and other wonderful things. Hilarious times! I was so excited to be there because I try to save their "creamy chai" for special occasions. I did get my chai, but unfortunately it wasn't soy. I even knew it wasn't soy when I was getting it off the bar, but I couldn't bring myself to correct the barista because we had been in a fabulous conversation about--wait for it--Wishbone! She, in fact, informed me that she had a life-size plush Wishbone dog with outfits as both Romeo or the Phantom. I mean, how could I tell her she got my drink wrong after that much awesomeness? So I enjoyed my not-as-creamy chai and, I'll admit, it was still pretty delicious.

Came home to a letter from a dear friend--third time this week that's happened! I could get used to this =)

Well, that was really long... but so was my fun day. And after such a fabulous day, I must bid you bonne nuit! Sweet dreams everyone!


  1. What an awesome day!
    LOVE the old man with the crossword! Straight out of a book! So sweet.
    And...I love Leo :)

  2. I love the waitress story! You're right- I probably wouldn't have corrected the drink order either, after such a deep connection! lol.

    Glad you had a fabulous day! Can't wait to go on an adventure with you soon!!!