Friday, February 8, 2013

Just have to say...

I am getting SO excited for Valentine's Day this year!!

Last year, I practically missed out on Valentine's Day altogether--and this is worth a story all unto itself...

I had a big presentation on Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse that day.  So I was up late on the 13th into the 14th researching and writing and prepping for this presentation and an annotated bibliography that went with it.
It was practically comical, though, because one of my best friends was up just as late/early as I was - watching Braveheart with her boyfriend.  That's how cool my friends are - they think of Braveheart as the perfect, romantic precursor to Valentines Day [duh!] :)

So anyway... After staying up till 2, sleeping for just a few hours, running around like crazy trying to get things printed, dashing to work for the morning shift, racing to school to set up for the presentation, and giving a presentation which I enjoyed, but my professor thought pretty mediocre........ I wasn't exactly in the mood for a great Valentine's Day.  In all that, I hadn't even been able to write up notes to my family, let alone friends.  If I remember correctly, a few texts were exchanged on the bus.  But I felt awful finding chocolates, flowers, and cards at my spot on the kitchen table, but having nothing to offer in return than a verbal "Thanks... I love you, too!"  After the presentation, waiting around on campus before my evening plans, I did pop on tumblr and found a host of fabulous Sherlock Valentines - which my other mischevious friends received ;)

That night, when I usually would get all dolled up and go out with girl-friends, I took my brother to a friend's "Non-Valentines Valentines Day Party."  It wasn't all single people... it was just a group of friends who didn't want to give into the consumerism and pressure of Valentines Day.  So it was pizza and apples-to-apples rather than dresses, dinner, and a movie.  It was fun... but I missed "going out."

I really don't believe in moping around on Valentine's Day.  Sure I'm looking forward to spending it with my Mister, but I have been blessed with so many people to love on!!  And this year I'm looking forward to making up for last year... because I can!  Instead of worrying about annotated bibliographies, I've got little gifts and cards planned, my brother is going to be receiving a marvelous little care package my sister have been creating, a few ladies at work are doing "Secret Valentine," (there's going to be some LBD drama!), and I have a double-sister date planned with dear friends!  A smashing way to spend Valentine's if you ask me ;)

And it's a perfect picture of the season that I'm in.  I at peace with all the possibilities of the future before me; knowing that they're not quite here and that's ok.  I thoroughly mean to enjoy the here and now, and wait--eagerly leaning--towards all the new things out there.  My life right now is full... so wonderfully, fabulously full.  So this Valentine's Day, there is only reason to celebrate all the people I love now.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. That is so good, Samara. I love it - celebrate & love all that we have now.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing your perspective, Samara. :)

  3. So excited for our double sister date!!
    Love what we have so good.