Thursday, April 26, 2012


Birthday Post!!

"I've charted stars, and they're always constant. But these--they appear every year on my birthday, Mother, only on my birthday. And I can't help but feel like they're meant for me."

Well, I thought I'd share some birthday fun-facts. Some of you may already know these, but I thought some of you may not, so here you are:

1. My mother went in to labor with my 8 weeks early. I guess I was bit eager. Nothing's changed.
Her doctor put her on bed rest and in that time she read the entirety of both the Little House and Anne of Green Gables series. I am convinced they altered my personality =)

2. Twenty-two years ago today, I made my entrance to "Eye of the Tiger." No really--my mom had it playing in her delivery room. Isn't she the coolest?

3. I was born with long, full, dark hair. It was nearly an inch long and pretty thick.

4. I am the exact middle of a symmetrical family [girl-boy-girl-boy-girl], so I have the joy of sharing every kind of sibling combo there is. It's fun!

One other little fun-fact about me--not really about my birthday, just childhood.
When I was a little girl, I would get all dressed up in fancy clothes and tell my mom I was going "to the ball to meet the Prince and learn how to read." Priorities. From the begging.

Do you have any fun family stories like that? Do share!
For now, have a fantastic day =)


  1. You. Are. Adorable!
    Love all the birthday stories! :) I think you know mine: Mom went into labor with me on Tuesday and I was born on Thursday... yup.
    I'm SO glad you were born!!! :D

  2. I was a complete surprise -- came after my parents thought they were done having children!

    Happy birthday, Samara!