Monday, September 24, 2012

Well, my innagural "Technology Sabbath" was successful.  It felt good.  And I didn't miss any earth-shattering news.  It's just kind of eye-opening how much we use cell phones, the web, etc... and to think that none of those things were common when I was born. Hm.

But we're back to Monday (after a whirlwind weekend for me) and I thought I'd share a few Bob-isms I've been saving up for a while.  Some of these are funny but all of them make me grateful he's my boss.

"A lot of problems are products of success."

In the middle of a conversation about the company -
Bob:  Samara, have you seen Finding Nemo?
Me:  Yes...??
Bob:  I'm Dori.

"Ethics trumps money. Always."

Bob:  We need to come up with a password for you and I to use.
Me:  Ok.
Bob:  It could be anything, really. It could be your friend! [Referring to Mr. C =]
Me:  Ummm... Haha - no.

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