Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So... sometimes, you have to just give up control completely.

After hopping on an alternate route to work (also known as taking the wrong bus), I found myself on a nearly broken down 244 =/  Being a schemer, my wheels were nearly spinning off as I tried to figure "this bus goes to the freeway, I could catch this bus, but it might be too late. I could get off and run to catch that route......."

As He does, God interrupted my thought process with a loving, "Chill out!"  Right.  The fact is, there's nothing I can do to make this bus work, and really nothing more I can do to get to work on time.  If I'm late, I'm late.  I work a little longer--no big.  Why did I get so wound up again??  Control is an illusion.  Let go... and breathe!

So rather than continue to freak out, I pulled out my book and delved back into the Mines of Moria and rejected the rising 244-tension.  Within minutes, we were at the freeway flier stop and I was transfering busses.  But, it left me just enough time to look to my right and catch a glimpse of Rainier. 

And we still arrived in Bellevue 10 minutes earlier than my regular bus. 

No control and no problems. 

"My rest is a weapon against the opression
of man's obsession to control things..."
- Josh Garrels, The Resistance

Wishing you all a peaceful and control-free day =)

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