Thursday, September 12, 2013

10: Farewell, pt. 2. "Vale Decem"

As I said, my flatmate and I recently bid David Tennant a fond farewell from Doctor Who.  And we did it in style.

[One of my favorite pics of Tennant with the chapter heading of my current book...
which is coincidentally (?) by Doctor Who guest-writer, Neil Gaiman :]

My coworker let us borrow this fantastic TARDIS-disappearing-mug.
Seriously, the TARDIS is sitting on the street outside Rose's house
...and then you put hot water in it and the TARDIS vworps into space (the other side of the mug).
Complete with sound effects - if you're cool like that and do the sound effects ;)
(Thanks, Jennifer, for adding to the festivities!!)


Then, I printed some cute and funny pictures for our "backdrop."
I also did a quick (and shoddy) rendition of the TARDIS.
And, of course, Allons-y!

I had the soundtrack from Season 4 playing when Beks got home (fabulous stuff!)
And made our own little 3-D glasses.

Without even conciously thinking about it, I was already wearing "TARDIS colors"
and Beks put in her TARDIS earrings.  Such fun!

Then we settled in with pizza and chocolate for the End of Time 2-parter.
Oh wow!!  Brilliant.
Sad.  Funny.  Poingnant.
And Brilliant!

"Vale Decem" - Farewell to Ten

In love with this song... and even more so with it's latin lyrics.

After crying through the "End of Time," we spontaneously jumped right into "The Eleventh Hour."
I'm pleased to say we enjoyed Matt Smith from the get-go.
But as they say, "My only problem with Matt Smith as the Doctor... is that he isn't David Tennant."
We look forward with hope, but back with fondness.
I can say it now more than ever:  Ten is my Doctor.

Vale Decem,  Salve Undecim.

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  1. Yes yes yes yes and amen. Great night, tears and all.

    Such fun! ;)