Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday morning win-loss report

It's before 8 on Monday morning. Here's the win-loss round up

Win: woke up to my alarm 
Loss: woke up to my alarm and am exhausted already

Win: make-up
Loss: hair 

Win: great time journaling & chatting with Jesus
Loss: nodded off towards the end, putting me behind schedule

Win: I actually cleaned up from breakfast 
Loss: didn't pack any food

Win: made myself chai at home
Loss: forgot in my car 

Win: caught the bus
Loss: it's the "last ditch effort" bus, and I only caught it because of a pathetic sprint & forgetting my chai in the car 

Win: it's fall
Loss: it's raining = not the right kind of fall 

Win: "I'm going to forgo starting a new book so I can focus on writing today."
Loss: forgot journal at home [first time being without it in months!]

Win: sporting some new clothes
Loss: ...there's no loss to wearing new clothes

Well, here's to the start of another week: first week of fall!

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