Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ridding ourselves of the dualistic notions of sacred & secular is not a statement that "nothing is sacred." Far from it! The goal is to face life as a whole - the beautiful & the messy all in one - and to realize that "the sacred" can be found anywhere. Our aim is to work into life what Christ accomplished in His death - the renting of the temple curtain. God is no longer contained in the Holy of Holies. He has escaped - and He wants to be discovered wherever you are.


  1. THANK YOU. This post really speaks to me. I get so fed up when certain Christians feel the need to divide everything into the "Christian" and the "secular". I can often find Christian themes in so-called "secular" works. Some of my favourite writers are agnostic or atheist. Non-Christians can still produce works that give glory to Christ even if it wasn't their intention. God can use anyone to bring Him glory.

    1. Thank you, Hannah. Yes, I think the church universal is really wrestling with this right now. But it is SO powerful to find God's grace and truth in stories and in people - even when we least expect it.