Monday, March 10, 2014

Things my teenage self never thought I'd say... [Pt. 1]

* "In Frozen, I'm glad Elsa's story doesn't end with her meeting a guy."
Let me explain - this isn't some crazy "women don't need men" things.  I just appreciate that of all the Disney princesses (of marrying age) we've had, this one woman doesn't end up with a guy.  Her story arc is about familial love - and it is beautiful that way!  Romance is wonderful, but relationships are hard work and getting married doesn't just solve all of a girl's problems.  So way to go, Disney, for showing a woman who has a different kind of lesson to learn.
Some people in my life have reminded me that this perspective is a far cry from what I once espoused.  My flatmate and I were recalling (and cringing over) a conversation late in high school where she tried to convince me that getting married was not the only purpose in my life.  Beks, accept this as an apology for vehemently disagreeing with you then.

* "Eminem is breaking my heart."
[This was my brother's response...]
Between Monster & Headlights [Warning: both are explicit. Yes, this is Eminem], he has absolutely wrecked me. I could do a whole separate post on the gold in those lyrics (and I might need to in order to justify these statements), but more than a change in his tone & lyrics, the change has been in me. His music can be very dark - though, lately, more desperate & even repentant. But, facing my own darkness has taught me to appreciate others'. 

* "It's been nearly 2 years since I read something pre-1900."
I know, I've alluded to this before, but I'm still shocked.  I will return.  Hopefully soon.  But there have been so many other treasures to find. 

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