Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Metamorphosis Pt. 6

Black smudges of sharpie & newsprint
Cover my busy fingers. 
And when the 11-on-the-dot sprinklers activate, 
I find another familiar I will depart. 
Giggling half-naked children in the yard, 
a dozen in-jokes with family, and 
the easy laughter of friends' shared absurdity 
all echo in the day's remembrances. 
The new costs so much. 

The New York Times accosts me with humanity's desperation. 
I use its news to keep things from cracking. 
And all the while smudges, sprinklers, 
a series of beats, and messages from a boy. 
Stars & void. Transfiguration. 


  1. UH, love this, friend! :,) :,(

    1. Love you! And thanks for helping me pack :)

    2. Of course! And I agree with Hannah; I love that line as well. :)

  2. "The new costs so much". So simple and yet so profound!