Monday, August 4, 2014

new home, new tables, new color...

I'm excited to share a little project I've been working on for the past week.

In preparing to move, I've been picking up furniture pieces here and there, 
but I still needed end tables for these lamps.
[The lamps are mine, the current tables are my flatmates.]

I scored a great deal on craigslist for this pair.
I loved that they were simple and modern with clean lines.

But because my other woods are much darker, I decided to paint these.
I decided on Valspar's Deep Sea Diving spray paint to get a really rich blue.

I started with Valspar's primer...and got to play chicken with Seattle's fickle weather.
Seriously, it would be totally sunny on my patio and being drenched 
in a downpour at the same time - what?
But despite having to move the tables under cover a few times,
I got 2 coats of primer on before moving on to the color.

It ended up taking 3 cans to do 2 coats of the blue.
The color really deepened as they dried and turned out quite close to a TARDIS blue :)

The knobs were very basic, so I decided to change them out for these fun Owls from World Market.

[Should I name them Hedwig and Pigwidgeon?]

Hoot hoot!  The owls like their new home :)
And I like my new tables.

After buying 1 can of primer, 3 cans of color, 1 can of sealer, and the knobs--
the total for this little makeover was about $25. 

I'm just very excited to have these colorful accents when I move into my new place.

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  1. "Should I name them Hedwig and Pigwidgeon?" Uh, YES! ;D