Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey, 11

I already had a seat.
What convinced me in that split-second to look for a better one, to find the one next to you?

Seriously though.
What if I hadn't decided this was worth skipping church for?
Was it luck that drew me to notice this author's session just a few days before?
What if my friends had been unsuccessful in convincing me to buy those tickets?
I nearly didn't.

Looking back further, what if I hadn't read that author last summer?
It took months of another friend urging, it took a Powell's recommendation, it took that book staring at me from my shelf for quite some time before I capitulated.

"Is what we read really that important?"  I've always thought so.  Now I have no doubts.

And what if I hadn't just gotten my pixie, which in turn determined my costume, which was the same as yours?
Would we still have met?

A book. A tv show.  A costume.
So many small decisions--decisions that seemed wholly unrelated to "important life questions."
And yet.  It was all of these seemingly insignificant decisions that all led me to that one, very important question:
"Hey, 11, is that seat open?"




  1. When I first saw the second picture I thought to myself "He looks like 'the doctor' and how you look like the perfect companion".... now that I've heard this... man my heart melts!!!! You're his rose, and I'm so happy for you!

  2. That is the sweetest, coolest, most adorable romantic meeting that I've ever heard! I'm so happy for you both :D You should write a fan letter to Matt Smith about it one day. He'd love it!

  3. Tears, heart swells, more tears. My precious son has found his beautiful rose.