Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Metamorphosis Pt. 6

Black smudges of sharpie & newsprint
Cover my busy fingers. 
And when the 11-on-the-dot sprinklers activate, 
I find another familiar I will depart. 
Giggling half-naked children in the yard, 
a dozen in-jokes with family, and 
the easy laughter of friends' shared absurdity 
all echo in the day's remembrances. 
The new costs so much. 

The New York Times accosts me with humanity's desperation. 
I use its news to keep things from cracking. 
And all the while smudges, sprinklers, 
a series of beats, and messages from a boy. 
Stars & void. Transfiguration. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fangirl, meet Fanboy

One of the things my boyfriend and I marvel at most is how many things - specifically stories - we're mutually passionate about and how they led us to meet and get to know one another.  There have been several moments where I just have to shake my head and smile at how much fun it is to appreciate stories together.  So I thought I'd share a few of those moments.

(Key: S=me, M=him)

The day after we met, he was perusing my blog...
S: Oh, I apologize in advance, there's a LOT of stuff on my blog about Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, because I'm a huge fan of them both.
M: Well... how could you not be?

Discussing "important life questions," such as, favorite Avenger?
S: Can I choose Loki?
M: *smiles* Samara, I'm so glad you're a Loki girl rather than a Thor girl...  Deeply dynamic, understandably pained characters like Loki are precious to good stories, for them to last with you.

We were chatting with some of my family and...
M: I just love Patrick Stewart.  I met him at Comic Con last year.  Patrick Stewart is my [gestures to me] Benedict Cumberbatch.

On our first official date, we arrived at the restaurant early. So he pulls out one of his flutes and plays me "Concerning Hobbits" - from memory

During the craze of the Ice Bucket Challenge...
S: Ooh! Benedict did the Ice Bucket Challenge :) 
M: [watches] Haha - has Hiddleston done one yet?? 
S: Yes! [sends it to him] 
M: Brilliant!

He is a wonderful Trekkie, and also a huge fan of lions. The other day I find this on FB. 
M: Lion's log stardate 08271.4: I have encountered a new and intriguing life form called the Beautiful Girlfriend. My investigation may require all my attention. 

We read one of Matt's favorite books and now we're reading one of mine, Pride & Prejudice. It is completely new to him & he is "flipping loving it." Last night he was live-texting me his reaction to Darcy's proposal at Hunsford. Below are snippets of our conversation: 
M: [Sends a photo of the "In vain I have struggled…" line] Wut. :D Like, wow!!! Yes!! C:
S: Hehe, Matt are you developing a mancrush on Darcy? It's totally ok...I won't be jealous! 
M: I mean I... Well, yes, in fact I'm quite over Wickham and have put on my Team Darcy t-shirt... 
[a few minutes later] 
M: Shut. Down! 
S: Looks like someone ain't Team Darcy 
M: Not in the least... 
[a few more minutes] 
M: Oh my gosh that was the best fight I've ever read. 

These are just a few of many moments where I've been really thankful to be in a relationship with this Fanboy :) 

Monday, August 4, 2014

new home, new tables, new color...

I'm excited to share a little project I've been working on for the past week.

In preparing to move, I've been picking up furniture pieces here and there, 
but I still needed end tables for these lamps.
[The lamps are mine, the current tables are my flatmates.]

I scored a great deal on craigslist for this pair.
I loved that they were simple and modern with clean lines.

But because my other woods are much darker, I decided to paint these.
I decided on Valspar's Deep Sea Diving spray paint to get a really rich blue.

I started with Valspar's primer...and got to play chicken with Seattle's fickle weather.
Seriously, it would be totally sunny on my patio and being drenched 
in a downpour at the same time - what?
But despite having to move the tables under cover a few times,
I got 2 coats of primer on before moving on to the color.

It ended up taking 3 cans to do 2 coats of the blue.
The color really deepened as they dried and turned out quite close to a TARDIS blue :)

The knobs were very basic, so I decided to change them out for these fun Owls from World Market.

[Should I name them Hedwig and Pigwidgeon?]

Hoot hoot!  The owls like their new home :)
And I like my new tables.

After buying 1 can of primer, 3 cans of color, 1 can of sealer, and the knobs--
the total for this little makeover was about $25. 

I'm just very excited to have these colorful accents when I move into my new place.