Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Been watching lately...

So if we've talked recently, Gilmore Girls has probably come up - I've fallen completely in love with it!!

When I was in high school, my penchant for reading combined with my attendance at a private school earned me many comparisons to Rory Gilmore.  As I got older, people even noted us looking alike.  One time while working retail I walked up to a customer and asked if I could help her, she turned around and then slightly gasped, saying, "Oh my gosh! I thought you were Alexis Bledel!!" Because she would work at an office supply store?  Haha... anyway, the comparisons were enough to make me want to check out the show at some point.

Well now, thanks to the series coming to Netflix, I have been able to!  I'm nearly half-way through the show and it's so good - funny but dramatic, witty and emotional.  They feel like close friends and I'm pretty much ready to move to Stars Hollow :)

Here are just a few favorite moments:

And finally... the perfect way to deal with someone you're mad at:

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  1. YEA!!!!!!!! Love all of these!!!! And omg Rory looks so young in these! :')