Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 1. Year 2.

On repeat:

Sipping: a black & white mocha from the Beanery

First day classes: French 211, Film Noir


Mode of transportation: Bus

Writing: a chapter of my thesis and a proposal for a conference on pop culture

Reading: Double Indemnity (school), Watership Down (pleasure)

Last film I watched: Casablanca

Last tv episode I watched: Gilmore Girls 6x13

Highlight of my day: a friend in French class unexpectedly

Hoping for: a good year


  1. First and foremost, you are lovely and look stunning - love your hair and the dress (pockets!)! Side note, LOVE the floor in the bathroom(?) you're standing in! That is actually the same flooring I wanted to do in my condo bathroom, but alas that type of flooring is expensive. :/ #adulting ;P

  2. I agree with Cami - you look amazing! And this year is going to be killer, in every sense of the word, right? :-p It's gonna be great. Lovoo!