Saturday, October 3, 2015

Haikus: Epiphany

I know this summer I haven't posted as much as usual.  Due to my job and thesis research, I didn't have as much time for personal writing as I wanted to.  I did find myself jotting down phrases on the go and eventually got the idea to work on a collection of haikus.  I had a lot of fun with this project and it was really fascinating how once I embraced the form, it seems like I started thinking 5-7-5.  I'm not sure if this project is over, but it's time I share these snippets from the past few months.

So, without further adieu, summer 2015 according to Haikus: Epiphany.

* * * * *

Disillusioned ones
walk on. But the face of God
is a mountainside. 

Staying up the hours the carpool lane is open:
Embrace the night owl 
living within yourself and 
stop harboring guilt.

Post Alley:
I don't remember
the song playing, but I now 
have my alibi 

Flat Rate Boxes:
Can't account for the 
words, tears, everything, but...
"You want your stuff back?" 

Park West:
See the pale half-moon, 
fire-red sun share the sky
and feel my pulse calm. 

Breakfast conversations:
"Girls go to work, too?"
As mothers and execs, but
yes, darling girl, yes.

Strangers footprints mark
once most-familiar floors,
when home is not home.

Soho, 1.30am:
"What the hell is that?"
Your wedding ring... Brokenness 
I can't help you bear. 

Oxford isn't a place, 
but an ancient creature made
of heart-beating stones. 

Original Starbucks:
Spain. England. Belgium. 
"No, that wasn't the last one." 
Stroking away fears...

Fresh-faced pixies, once
I was like you, before I 
felt always behind. 

Cœur de la vallée:
Wood smoke.  Unbroke.  Our
star-gazing conversations
ease anxiety. 

Highway 101:
Ever think about
Seattle and recall that
corridor we shared? 

An Erasure from Compline, Book of Common Prayer:
Glory to Father, Son 
Holy Spirit, as it was, 
is, will be. Amen.

That moment when they
cry, "I can't believe..." and it's
like vindication. 


  1. Samara, these are fantastic! Write a book please! :)

  2. :) And yes please! Please write a book! :)