Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrating my 2 year anniversary on blogger!

I've posted at least once a month for the last two years. That's consistent, right? Well, about as consistent as my busy life will allow.

Thanks to all my followers. I really appreciate you and your comments.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just checked my email and it made me really happy...

3 new messages in my inbox:
1. Braden emailing me back about a friend we're both praying for
2. Receipt from iTunes for a new worship song
3. Another friend from school setting up a date to pray about how we can overflow and impact our campus

I officially heart overflow!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ah... productive day off.

I didn't start my day until 9:30, which is highly unusual for me. I got up, took a shower, got ready, and then I got to have a nice long time with the Lord. I love those days. Today I had the joy of finishing a journal and starting a new one. Every time I finish a journal, I go back and leaf through it, looking for highlights and reading important entries. Then I write a sort of "farewell" on the back page that tries to sum up some of what that particular journal was about. This journal's focus: desperation! It was written everywhere, "Jesus... I NEED YOU!" I almost had to laugh at myself at how worried I had let myself become. I wanted to go back and tell myself, "Ummm... can you remember a time when He has not come through?" There were some really beautiful passages too. He had shared with me parts of my identity, and rereading those today was therapeutic. Probably the highlight of my day.
After getting on tumblr and looking at some of the gowns from the golden globes last night (which, by and large, I was really disappointed with...), I made a really long to do list. It wasn't really just for today, more for the whole week. But I got quite a bit crossed off, which feels so good!
I had switched with a co-worker who was going to cover me on saturday if I worked today, so I got ready and headed off to Honda. As soon as I walked in, I saw my co-worker--the one I had switched with. Turns out there had been a miscommunication and she decided to work both days. So I headed back home, quickly scheming up some new plans (really, one of my favorite things to do... I am such a schemer ;).
Once I got home, I did a few more little tasks. I also took a definitive step: I applied to be a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) leader. We'll see how that goes. It's so exciting to think of opportunities like that. I mean, it's fun to think of my way of life changing. This would give me a chance to be a teacher, rather than just a student, and that's really exciting.
Oh! I also got news that one of my best friends is now planning on studying abroad in London in July--which is the same time I'm planning on being in England, if not in London itself. So, now I'm scheming about a weekend with her in London. Hah! How fun is that?
Then my sister and I grabbed some books and headed off for a study sesh at starbucks :) So peaceful. I feel like I get so much more done when I'm not at home. I have just fallen in love with going to starbucks or the Kirkland library (such a favorite!) to get some quality studying done.
Anyways, now all I have left to do is read some more and then I'm heading to bed early.

Quite a splendid day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good thing I got some quality friend time in at the prayer meetings, this last weekend, and today at school because I just realized that I have 2 weeks to read 3 books and do a book review = me locked away reading for the next 2 weeks!

Oh, plus I have a phonetics midterm the next day, which should be a breeze.

As hard as it is, I really am LOVING school. The three books I'm reading: Caleb Williams by William Godwin and then 2 literary criticisms of the novel: The Godwinian Novel and, the one I'm most excited for, Romantics, Rebels, and Reactionaries.

"It's gonna be great.
It's gonna be wild.
It's gonna be full of me..." =)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miss Ida Marie Baker... I can't wait to meet you!
We're going to have really fun dates!
I'm going to take you on shopping trips and to get your nails done.
I'll buy you hot chocolate and take you to the park.
You can ask for underdogs and piggy-back rides.
I'll read lots of books to you and make sure
the library is a happy place with lots of fond memories.
I'll take you to fun movies in the summer
and to the Nutcracker at Christmas
Feel free to always show me your twirly dresses.
We'll cuddle a lot--when you're teeny-tiny and when you're older.
You can create lots of artwork for my room.
I'll let you walk in my heels and dresses so you can feel older.

You can help fix my dress right before
you walk down the aisle as my flower girl.

May can't come fast enough...
But until then, just know that I love you tons and tons!
Auntie Samara

sunday night...

Sitting in my bed. Happy to be full.

Reading (and cherishing) old blog posts, especially from this time last year.
My "Capri Blue Volcano" candle is spreading joy throughout my room.
Listening to the Will Reagan/Laura Hackett version of "How He Loves."
Thinking about the new year and all that is to come.
Checking up on what I missed on tumblr and fb.
Avoiding my homework :-/
Saying another goodbye. No funsies.
So excited for a breakfast date with a friend tomorrow!
Praying for more compassion and for open eyes.
Content that I'm single. Expecting so many good things =)
Praying about the future. Asking for a dream.
Eager to read Radical (gets here on Tuesday).
So glad for a new week full of incredible possibilities...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Classes are in full swing and I already feel busy...

But in the midst of all the craziness, Jesus has been so faithful to remind me that He is with me, in it all. The first day of class afforded crystal clear views of the Olympics, Cascades, and my beloved Rainier. Even the first day of fasting was alright. His presence is just enveloping. Today, despite the clouds and the grey, the bald eagle (I've decided to name him Reginald :) had perched himself on the fountain on the westside of 520.

These little things are just reminders of His promises...

Not only that, but today, as I was waiting outside my linguistics classroom, one of my best friends showed up. We had both signed up for this class and were afraid it was going to be really boring. But seeing one another was so uplifting. Helen and I have taken 3 English classes before and I'm looking forward to being with her again.

All that to say, His faithfulness has been so obvious and His goodness is just overwhelming at times!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I think I had forgotten just how much I love Lord of the Rings--if that is even possible, as if forgetting that you love an old and dear friend is possible...

Today as I was re-reading, er--skimming--I came across so many lines and passages, both old favorites and new ones, so rich that I could hardly go on. Several pages of my journal are filled with quotes and even more are underlined in my book. (I apologize to anyone who see that as defacing--but I can hardly read a book without underlining it!)
But then I came across a passage that echoed my response to the Lord more than anything else. Sam had followed Frodo out of obedience, but one of his biggest motivations was to see the Elves. Early on in the story (a part not in the films), they meet an Elf. Afterwards, Frodo asks Sam if he still wants to continue and Sam responds:

Yes, sir. I don't know how to say it, but after last night I feel different. I seem to see ahead in a kind of way. I know we are going to take a very long road, into darkness; but I know I can't turn back. It isn't to see Elves now, nor dragons, nor mountains, that I want--I don't rightly know what I want: but I have something to do before the end, and it lies ahead, not in the Shire. I must see it through...

Ah! This is so close to my heart's cry. It was like, "Lord, I know the way ahead is very long, and it won't be easy, it may even be dark. But I know that's where you called me. I know you're calling me to be a Pioneer. I used to be afraid of that, but I'm not anymore. I'm not going to school for me anymore. It's not because of the beautiful cherry trees or stunning Rainier or to read good books and hear fun facts--I'm going for you! My destiny does not lie in the familiar and comfortable of home; it is only to be found in the wild unknown of the trail. But I'm going to seek that destiny. I will follow you there..."

I hope this speaks to you in someway too. He put a Pioneer's heart in each of us, and I pray you feel His stirring in this New Year.
Tomorrow is...

  • The first day of a new quarter
  • My first day in grad seminar
  • The first day of prayer and fasting :)
  • The beginning of my 8th of 12 quarters
  • The first time I'll have a class that's not on the main part of campus :-/
  • The beginning of new friendships
  • Supposed to be sunny and cold
  • The next part of a glorious adventure!