Sunday, May 13, 2012

Because this wouldn't fit in the card...

Dear Mom,

You are the BEST!! I am so, so grateful for you and all that you have helped me accomplish.
[Immediate family + Miss Ida at Jer's MC graduation]
Thank you for giving up your everything for us. I know raising us was rowdy, dirty, awkward, and sometimes down-right traumatic. But despite appendicitis, swallowed quarters, and cancer, you stuck with this crazy family. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the choices and the sacrifices you've made when the normal human reaction would be to bolt. You put up with so much and I'm so glad to see you now reaping such amazing blessings.

[Four generations of ladies: Granny holding Miss Ida, Melissa, myself, Sarah, and my mom being funny in the back =]
Thank you for representing what it means to be a woman. It's kind of funny that your three daughters are such different people, but you set such a good example that, despite our differences, we each learned what it means to be feminine. Seriously, thank you for forcing us to wear a dress to church every Sunday. Thank you for teaching us that a woman's clothes don't have to be from Nordstrom to look good. Thank you for the time at the Christmas party a few years back when you pulled me aside just to say, "Samara, you look gorgeous. Enjoy yourself tonight." Thank you for affirming womanhood in this crazy, confused world.

[Mom and I in Oxford]
I cannot even begin to express how much your encouragement means has meant over the years!! You may not have known what to do with your little, over-achiever, but I just want to say, I'm partly your fault. You have such an incredible enthusiasm--especially for learning--which I inherited. And then of course, there was all the reading you did when you were on bed-rest with me [silly me, always trying to get a head-start on things]. But in all seriousness, your encouragement to train at the A Level has made me who I am today. Thank you for supporting my interest in FBLA. You stuck with me in the high's--placing at Nationals in Chicago--to the low's--like when I was puking the morning of my first public speaking experience--and everything in between. Thank you for not letting me quit University after the first year. You and Dad heard God when I couldn't and now, about to graduate, I can't say it enough: "You were right!!" You knew me better than I did and I'm so grateful that you twisted my arm when you knew that staying in college was part of my calling. Thank you thank you thank you!

[Mom and I in Paris]
Thank you for helping me dream bigger! I know that you're more of a cautious person by tendency, but you have been so instrumental in pushing me to all that God has. When I was either too afraid or too weak to commit to something big, you have been the one to release me. You were the one to say "Go for it" when I wanted to skip a grade. You were the one to say "Samara, don't settle" when I got distracted. You were the one to encourage me to study abroad. You were the one to suggest applying to Oxford when I was way too scared to consider that option. And more recently, you were the one to pick me back up and say, "Samara, re-apply." Thanks for be willing to listen to, pray about, and join in on some of my crazy ideas (from serious considerations like job-hunts to fun adventures like when I drug you up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe). I couldn't have taken this incredible journey without you (literally and figuratively ;), and I'm so grateful for all you've done.

[Sarah, Mom, myself, and Granny]

Love you so, so much!! Happy Mother's Day!



  1. So good! What an incredible Mom we have! :)

  2. your mom is awesome! and you are sweet for writing this to her :)