Monday, May 28, 2012

one week.

One week from now I'll have taken my last final and be done.
My thesis is all but done. Literally I have a bracketed phrase at the end: [insert witty concluding sentence here]. And I'm not set on a title yet. But spilling onto 26 pages with about 35 pieces in my bibliography, I think I'm about there. And I have 3 days before I have to turn it in, so I'll have time for several more read throughs and tinkering with lines here and there.
I've also got the notes for my presentation, so if I can practice that, its under 20 minutes, and sounds convincing--I should be good.
Today I was working on the last paper I have to write. I had done research and was fleshing out the ideas of my argument... when a crazy thought struck me: this paper would be way better as a poem. Being that its for my modernism class and I have an awesome teacher, I emailed her to ask and she said... yes! She thought it was an awesome idea. So I will now be writing my paper a la T.S. Eliot. It's addressing Time, the city, and modernism... and its now going to be a poem. Stoked.
Then the only thing left will be my philosophy final next monday.


It has been four years and just a week from now I'll be done with that journey. Two weeks from now I'll walk in my graduation and walk right into "the real world." I'll hit the streets looking for a better job and spend the next year adjusting to a different lifestyle. I'll still be doing academic work as I apply to a plethora of grad programs, some prestigious scholarships, and study for the GRE. I found out this week that I received UW nomination for two UK scholarships I will be applying for--the first step in a very long process. Oh, and I'm sorry for never following up with the cryptic "about to meet with the British Consulate." The Consulate from San Francisco visited UW to meet with our two in-coming Rhodes Scholars (woot! Congrats to both Byron and Cameron). They also wanted to meet with potential candidates for other scholarships, of which I am one. So... I got to meet with them for about an hour. Seriously had not been that nervous in several years. But it turned out well. They were very down to earth but knowledgable. All that to say, next year should be exciting--starting quite literally just as soon as I finish with this year. 
But I'm suspended in a strange moment. Three days of class left? Two papers and one final? It seems impossible--impossible that so little is left. Here's to finishing well...


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  1. Once in high school, I also had a bracketed phrase at the end of a paragraph: [concluding sentence goes here.]

    Only I turned it in without changing it! Ha!

    So I got a comment on my returned paper from my teacher that said "Okay?"