Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things were going swimmingly with Aristotle till I read: "little people may be neat & well proportioned but cannot be beautiful." Beg to disagree haha


  1. *Flips to specific page of A Severe Mercy*....ah yes...

    "She was not very tall, and I was; but now I wondered whether, after all, small girls were not more - well, more adorable, sort of. Especially when they had shining brown hair and low lovely voices and beauteous eyes" (25).

    Yeah...Sheldon Vanauken begs to differ too!! hahahaha though you would appreciate this! Muchos abrazos de Espana mi alma gemela <-- the translation for "kindred spirit" is this, the literal translation being "twin spirit"!

  2. haha yes! I was thinking of that same quote when I saw this one.

    I even blogged it ( Haha... we are kindred spirits!!