Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm typing up notes from the event I told you about last week (you remember all of those sticky notes on the board - yes, they all have to be entered and sorted in excel).  Anyway, it's fine, but not the most thrilling part of my job. 
I just got interrupted by an email notification from Bob, who is in Costa Rica for the week.  I thought it was some urgent request for a bank transfer or for news on a client or something business related.  No, I opened it up and am greeted by this:

["Quetzals in the wild!"]

Thank God for a break from the mundane, for Quetzals, and for wonder!


  1. Bob is so cute :) what a nice guy

  2. This is great... the alphabet cards we have picture a drawing of a quetzal for the "Q". We've been curious but haven't taken the time to look up anything about the obscure bird. It's fun to see a photo of one.