Saturday, November 10, 2012

So, after several very full and rather insane weeks... this weekend is my time to fill up on family!
I had the rare joy of spending the night at my older sister's last night.
I just have to brag for a minute because my sister...
is one of the most inspiring, beautiful, and wisest women I know
has 3 under 3 (yes, all in diapers)
loves her husband like crazy
is ridiculously organized (I mean, what the heck?)
leads their church's youth group
regularly makes her own bread, dish soap, face wash, furniture, etc...

She's pretty much Proverbs 31 meets the Pinterest dream mom!!
I love her so much :)

[Melissa, Ross, Ida, & Jack - Dad is away at a business trip, so they needed me to play Auntie for the weekend :]
So yes, last night after work I headed over, played with these silly kiddos and hung out with Melissa.  We chatted over a scrumptious dinner (did I mention she's a dangerously good cook?) and watched a bbc period drama with dessert.  Sister time is the best!

This morning was a fantasy Saturday come true!
The kiddos came in climbed into bed with Melissa and I before we all went down stairs to make pancakes.
Oh! And there were flurries of snow and we may have listened to Christmas music :)

After lunch, the two oldest came back with me for a "sleepover at grammy's house!"

This Saturday was the right antidote to my recently hectic lifestyle.  So grateful for the Baker family :)


  1. Prov 31 Pinterest dream Mom bahahahahhaha!!!
    So true though - Melissa is amazing! :)

  2. That too was my favorite line. ever. And probably because its true :)

  3. We DID need you!! And it was soo fun! And you are too sweet. :)

  4. And don't forget you threw in a stop at a birthday party for an adorable curly-haired 3 year old! :) It was great to see you and I really appreciated all of you making the time to celebrate with our Cassia. And I love your description of Melissa: Proverbs 31 meet Pinterest - so true! She's amazing.