Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fireworks: Remember to breathe before the Finale

The one thing about fireworks is that they can be scary and overwhelming.  I knew that when I saw all these "fireworks" just up ahead.  But now they seem to be exploding in every corner of the sky.

I was venting to my dear friend earlier today:
I guess I just always knew that I would hit the "I'm in the middle of a bunch of fireworks going and it's absolutely craaazy!!!" 
She responded with the sweetest encouragement:
In the midst, yes, it sucks and we feel pathetic, and we really would like the show to be over already... but it will be ok, and we'll think, that was the best part of the show, when all the fireworks go off at once. 

[I'm definitely experiencing that "wild" bit]

Oh heavens... it's true! It seems like chaos in the moment, but the finale is the most beautiful and thrilling part.

So today I'm pausing for my breath before the finale.

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  1. "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful."

    It's gonna be great!!!! :D