Monday, July 15, 2013

Nostalgic for Now

The Summer of Becoming... it means abundant weekends and long to-do lists and beautiful memories and tired eyes and sunkissed skin.  Weather-wise, we're having one of those summers in Seattle we only get once every 5 years or so.  It's the summer of #latergram - live through the moment rather than the memory.  I can't tell you how many friends' blogs I follow who just returned from a month-long, unplanned hiatus.  It's a seasoon of both the beautiful and the sublime.

[We are in the good old days, y'all.]

I love Kati's exposition of just one weekend can look like!  This weekend was magic!  I'll have some "professional" photos to post later.  But I thought I'd share some now:

[Rugged floral... styled by Cami]

[View of Mt. Rainier from our ferry]

[I love being on the water!]

[This poster in a bookshop brought me right back to childhood]

[bicycle hunt]

[Boats on Bainbridge!]

[How darling is this little Church?  I totally wanted to sneak up to the steeple!]

[We got to share 30 hours and multiple adventures this weekend... we both agreed it wasn't enough]

[And I got to see this lovely gal and former roommate.  We were wearing matching sweaters + sunnies. Ha!]

Such a fun weekend!

This isn't to say everything's perfect. No, there's time when I think my room, my schedule and my soul are all too crammed. There are times when I feel impatient or like I'm going crazy. My morning alarm reminds me "You can sleep when you're dead." But... even with all the crazy - I'm so aware what this summer embodies. If you find yourself enjoying sunsets or you're busy chasing dreams, if (like me) you're trying to strike the balance between amazing fun with friends and the desire to go on a reading binge, if you are "too hot," "too busy," or "too tired" - remember that this season is unique. For many I've talked too, it's a season like we've never had and probably never will have again. It's one of intense growth and, quite literally, enough memories to last a lifetime.

Our lives are enviable - let's be "nostalgic" for the now.


  1. Amen and amen! And thank You Jesus for Seattle's weather this year!!!

  2. Love that last line - it's pretty much my life mantra ;)