Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fireworks - Silver

Say hello to Zinedine:

Zinedine has been my very faithful macbook.
He turned six years old today.
A little background:
Six years ago, I had just graduated high school and was at a national speech competition in Chicago. When I made it to the finals, I asked my dad if he would make a deal with me: if I placed in the top 3 at nationals, he would help [I said the word help!] me buy my first laptop, a little macbook.  He agreed.
I placed 2nd.
He straight out bought me the macbook as a combo high school graduation + congratulations present.
The intro to my speech centered on Zinedine Zidane's World Cup head-butt.  The point was that lack of character in split-second moment of decision caused Mr. Gold Cleats to end his career in red-carded infamy and halted France's momentum, leading to their defeat in the shoot out.
Point of the speech: make good choices.
Point of the story: I named my laptop Zinedine.

You've all heard macs rule...and they do.
They're not without they're issues - I am on my third hard-drive, but the mac-built machine is still kicking.
And last November, I accidentally spilled a full glass of water on the little guy.  I mean I picked it up, turned it over and water streamed out from beneath the keys.  "I finally killed it," I thought :(  But thanks to google and my observations at the genius bar, I knew to take out the battery, pull out the hard-drive and let it air dry for a week.  I did it - and it worked!! Zinedine resurrected!

Call me sentimental, but... I've spent so many late nights hovering over those keys.
I mean, to think of myself unwrapping my shiny, new gift at 17 is to imagine a completely different person.
Each crack and smudge and intermittent key is a story.
And a laptop making it 6 years is like hitting 250,000 miles on your car or 120 "laptop years."
Okay...too sentimental, Samara.

The point of the post is another "new" for 2013.
Meet my new MacBook Air:

She doesn't have a name yet.
Yes, it's a lady this time.  [It's too tiny to be anything but skinny-jean clad hipster dude...]
No name yet... I've only had her since Saturday.  But we're already quite happy together :)

Yes, the Airs are as itty as they look on the commercials.
I can't wait to get an awesome case for it. 
E.g... Kate Spade, Michael Kors "envelope," and the Cole Haan satchel. [Someday I'll have an awesome satchel!]

All that to say...
I'm so grateful for my trusty macbook and all the papers and fun times it got me through.
And I'm super excited to have a new little friend.
We shall have some grand adventures of our own now.


  1. Yay!!!!
    Love the background story, and yes, it's totes sentimental :)

    I know the name ;)

  2. Amazing.
    And completely NOT too sentimental. I love it & feel totally the same with my "babymac." :)