Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

Hello, thought I would do another one of these... too many random thoughts for a proper blog-post!

* This.  My sister wrote this beautiful piece on how we use our talents.
I hope that my life will inspire others, not to be like me, but to be like Jesus by fully becoming who God made them to be. We can't hide our talent. We have to get out into the world and use it!

This really challenges my fears.  The other day I was thinking of Sherlock (go figure) and his line, "I'm a consulting detective - only one in the world.  I invented the job."  And then I thought, oh if only we could all invent out our own jobs.  Easier said than done.  I'm still trying to come up with a job description that could possibly encompass everything I'm passionate about.

* Before this year, I didn't know much about personality types or different tests.  I had never taken one that seemed to fit me.  Plus, I know far too many people who live with restrictions based on personality type or birth order - and that bugs me.  Honestly I often want to be like, "So you're saying because ____ is natural for you, that makes it ok.  Quick question - what does your hair look like when you get out of bed in the morning?"  Guess what people, you can choose and you can change!  It's not like you are a victim of being a jerk to everyone.  Ugh... [step of the soap box].  All that to say, I had been kind of wary of personality profiling.  But recently, I've been exposed to a handful of different methods and descriptions and, I have to admit, they've been extremely helpful.  I've found they're best when viewed as an explanation of certain tendencies.  It's helped me realize what my natural disposition is so that I can either 1) act with confidence in certain areas or 2) watch myself for weaknesses.  But I don't want to get into specific tests here or talk about my results.  I've actually been mulling it over because of the recent pair of buzzfeed articles on the woes of being an extrovert and the misunderstandings of the introvert.  I just want to say, no matter what side you land on - you are neither superior or inferior.  Both have such gifts to offer.  I have days where I could identify with either side... but I also have days when I wish I was more or less than what I am and, what I'm trying to say is, you are what you need to be.  So be brilliant at it!

* Doctor Who - I love it.  It's an amazing journey and it's worth all the strange bits.  I'm currently on Season 4 and it keeps blowing my mind!  People ask me to summarize... and I can't really explain it.  I saw this on pinterest, and they did a pretty decent job of it:

Well, this weekend we found out who 12 is going to be.  It's crazy and kind of fun time for Whovians.  A lot of questions a lot of excitement over the 50th anniversary special.  And at Christmas we'll say goodbye to Matt Smith.  [I haven't technically gotten to his seasons yet - though I've seen plenty of him - so I'll save a sappy goodbye post for him till later ;]   But it's a wonderful time to ponder what Doctor Who means and why it's so moving.  I, personally, am really excited to see what Peter Capaldi is going to bring to the role.  I'm sure he will win our hearts handily.
And I must add, that while I think Matt Smith is marevlous... I like the Doctor to have a few wrinkles.  He's earned them with the burden he's carried.

* NT Live - The National Theatre of Great Brittain (which I've blogged about plenty, before) is celebrating 50 years and is presenting special and encore screenings of some fabulous performances in October / November.  Locally, SIFF is providing showings for most of them.  A few highlights:
   - Othello starring Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear
   - Macbeth Kenneth Branaugh's long awaited return to Shakespeare!  Joining him is Alex Kingston (River Song, Doctor Who) as Lady Macbeth
   - Hamlet also starring Rory Kinnear
   - Annnd... encore screenings of Frankenstein with Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch.

I might (quite seriously) go broke.  Ok, not broke.  Just voluntarily poor.  But it will be totally worth it!

* Mercury Coffee - I've fallen in love.

Now see, I have a bunch of coffee snobs for friends (I still love you!  And don't take it too personally, you are from Seattle).  Anyway, they are always like "Let's meet at this place or that place for cofee, they have great coffee."  But you see, it's often a disappointment because I've found this thing about most hipster, authentic coffee places - I don't like their chais.  I'ts not that there chais are bad, they are just usually spiced and, well... if I was a chai connoseur, I would like spiced chai.  But I'm not and I don't.  I want to taste vanilla and I want it to be sweet - not crazy syrup sweet... but on the sweet side.  Anyway...... Mercury Coffee has now got me covered.  I've found a few coffee houses in my time that serve the best chai in the world: Mocafe Chai.  And as soon as I tasted Mercury's (thank you Cami), I had a hunch that was their secret.  Sure enough, it's true.  I looove it.  And thanks to an amazon gift card,  I'm going to be investing in Mocafe Chai at home - yum!  So if you haven't tried Mercury - do it.  I've heard great things about their coffee, and I can personally vouch for their chai.

Alright....... well, I should wrap this up and get back to things.  Have a fantastic day!

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  1. Love all of this! Especially the first bit - good and challenging. And glad I could make another Mercury's convert ;) Love you, Samara! :)