Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For those of you who have been asking about my interview yesterday... here's the lo-down. I thought I was interviewing for a specific position, but it turns out it was a firm that gets paid by a lot of other companies to hire quality people for them. So, a very nice lady at the firm has my application and resume and said she would get back with me as soon as she finds a good fit. She told me I was "darling" [still not sure if that's a good thing or just a polite critique] and that I "wouldn't be on the market long." Hoping she's right about that.

But for now, I'm back to job hunting. Kinda fun... kinda overwhelming, exhausting, and difficult =)

Today, though, I took a break from all of that to graduate. The English department graduation was rather fun and I loved seeing so many friends--especially Miss Lois!! Just lovely =)

[finally reunited with Lois =]
[Katie - love her! Her thesis topic: George MacDonald and Percy Shelley]
[Beks <3 ] 
[Josiah, myself, and Suzzallo]

[Hannah! My main Honors-partner-in-crime]

There was much cheering and hugging. [I've officially decided that Academics don't do enough hugging. I don't need a hug the day I graduate, I needed a hug the day you told me my paper sucked... but I digress.] One of my friends told me my hair was "immaculate"--especially meaningful coming from an English major. Oh! And it was productive, I had a very good (and extremely necessary) chat with one of my professors about my scholarship process this summer. All that to say: 

Samara Surface
cum laude, departmental honors,
phi beta kappa member, annual dean's list
Bachelor of Arts, English

Wow!! I can't even believe it! So in awe of all that God has done. I'll try and post more pictures later, because it really was a fabulous day.

Now, tomorrow, I face a completely different type of challenge: I'm teaching second grade. All day. All by myself. I'm taking over my mom's class because she has jury duty. =/
Pray for me, if you think of it. There are only five, adorable kids, but its just a bit nerve-wracking!! Hopefully I will have plenty of fun stories to tell on my next blog post =)


  1. Yes, your hair looked absolutely lovely! I, on the other hand, had extreme graduation cap hair haha. So wonderful to see you today. Cannot wait until we can sit down and have a proper chat.

  2. Your hair does look AMAZING! Love you and major congratulations again!!

  3. Wow! So amazing! Congrats Samara!!!

  4. You are amazing!! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats to my BEAUTIFUL sister!

  6. Woohoo!
    Have fun in that classroom!
    You'll do great.