Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just finishing up my last night of homework for UW...

C'est tres bizarre!!!

After my Philosophy final tomorrow, I am celebrating with a ( last )= Monday Date with Julia, a book from Magus, and a movie with Beks (who is finally home!! =)

I am also meeting with my advisor for the scholarship process this summer. To be honest, I've had a bit of a hard time preparing myself for a summer of chasing hard after dreams. I'll probably be working nearly as hard on academics from now until January as I prepare multiple scholarship applications, study and take the GRE's, and apply to 9+ universities. Yikes! After some setbacks (both academic and emotional), I've been struggling to have faith in such impossible dreams. I was--not disillusioned--but, pretty deflated. Honestly, I felt a bit like this:

"I can't even fly out of the window!"

Ok... maybe not that bad, but it's been hard to believe in something so daunting. I've felt so small, so inadequate to accomplish the big things--or even all the little steps to get to the big things.
Well, today Pastor Norm shared something that blew my mind and revitalized my soul. He said:
"The more we discover about favor, the bigger God gets, the smaller we become. That's good news! We can be as small as we are. We don't have to psych or puff ourselves up. We get to walk in favor which means Christ overrides the rules of the natural and gives us special advantages and a special dispensation of grace."
WOW! I. so. needed. that. I am small, but He knows that. He's going to use my itty-bitty person and He can do miraculous and marvelous through me. Selah.

Alright... well with that encouraging thought, I'm heading to dreamland and preparing for the end of one season and the beginning of "the unknown new."


  1. Wow, so encouraging! :)
    And perfect movie clip, I have so felt like that haha!!

  2. This is so good!! Thank you for going on ahead and preparing a way for us upcoming college students. And congratulations on closing one adventure and starting the next!

  3. "Years of academy training, wasted!" Love it! And all so true! The Lord has you on a grand adventure that He is writing! You are AWESOME! :)
    Love you, love you!

  4. Samara!!! This made me laugh out loud for minutes. So hilarious!

    We need to have another date. I think we will have a lot to connect over and talk about! :)