Friday, June 22, 2012

Just wanted to say hello =)

I feel like its been a while. I also wanted to say how exciting I'm getting for my 1 year anniversary of my England Adventures [July 5]. I am very much looking forward to reading journals and blog posts from a year ago. You can look forward to some fun tid-bits and a few "one year ago today" posts [sorry in advance if they get annoying... I'll try to do only the special ones]. But more than just a wish to relive the magic of England, I'm really looking forward to celebrating God's goodness and approaching everyday with renewed gratefulness. It is honestly miraculous what God has done in that 1 little year. And it is miraculous that I'm pursuing what I am right now. But daunting at the same time and, to be honest, I've had a bit of hard time staying as grateful as I should be. I've been looking at these amazing opportunities and while I should be focused on how amazing they are, I've been too preoccupied with how much work they'll take. I mean, here I am, working away on scholarship and school applications--begging for more work? Not to mention the idea of living so far away from home for 4-6 years! Fear and weariness have been really messing with me lately. But, I am so excited to look back and remind myself that God deciding to blow up a vision and fulfill someone's wildest dreams is 1. POSSIBLE--He did it last year and 2. a privilege!! Where I'm at is a privilege and if it costs me more blood, sweat, and tears, so be it. He has big dreams and I'm so lucky to be involved in them--even when I can't see what they entail. So here is God "doing it again" and me celebrating even the hard things--like climbing the arc de triomphe and killing spiders =)

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  1. Oh my goodness we are going to have SO much fun with these "one year anniversaries" hahaha people are going to get tired of our constant wall posts on their news feeds. But do we care? No. Not one bit!! Because Oxford is THAT special! Why? Oh because it has such history and grandeur, aaaand it brought us together, of course!

    And yes, sometimes you have to experience those obstacles and challenges in order for those big dreams to come true. But your dreams will come true in beautiful ways you can't even begin to see yet (that's just the way God is!).

    Okay long Kristina comment is done. Amor Siempre!!